If anyone plans to visit here in the near future I would highly recommend the book "Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed" by Andrew Doughty. We picked this copy up at Costco. He actually lived on the island and explains in more detail than other books I have read about how to get to lesser know places.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunset viewed from above the house.   
In the picture below you can barely see a platform that used to have stairs leading up to from the back yard.  Perfect place to sit and watch the sunset - that is until a neighbor got upset that the platform ruined his view and came over and cut the stairs down!  This happened before we moved in.  The stairs are just laying out there!  But i can still climb up the rocks and catch a nice sunset over the roof tops!
"Before" picture of the backyard.  It was literally a jungle with grass growing 14 feet high!  We have cleared out truckloads of green waste.  The yard is slowly growing in size and I have discovered we have a plumeria tree and orange and white hibiscus that are just now blooming now that they can see the sun.  There are also pineapple plants and even a mango tree!  I'm waiting rather impatiently for the first of the mangos to ripen.

 Lanai type platform where the stairs will go back up.  There is a fountain (non-working at the moment) to the left. 
 Heap of yard waste that the tenants didn't bother to remove.  Not sure what the markings are on the fence, but there was a large palm here that had to come down.
Another peek at the sunset from up above.

 Looking down at the back of the house.
 Living room
 Kitchen and side entry
 Guest room
Master Bedroom
Master bath and closet
Hallway from living room towards garage door
One of the many visitors we get daily.  Right now I have a giant grasshopper inside on the ceiling.  I'll take that any day over the centipede's...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sorry family for not posting anything here.  In a way it is hard to believe a month has passed already - but also does feel like I've been here forever.  I really miss my family and friends! 
Last week I went on an adventure to Hilo for the night and met an incredible couple. I was able to get my horse fix and relax a bit from working and moving.    But then again my idea of relaxing is mucking stalls, feeding horses, riding, feeding the chickens and goats, weeding the garden, etc!  
My drive over the Saddle Road took about 2 hours.  I stopped in Waimea near the Parker Ranch on my way and met a nice lady who offered to take me riding also.  Turns out her riding partner is from Lynden and actually shipped her horse over here.  We were supposed to ride Sunday, but the weather didn't cooperate.  I guess that happens even in Hawaii...

Onomea Bay - I got to see this popular surfing spot from a hidden back road.

Hard to tell in the photo, but that is the ocean you can see above the tree line.  The ocean was in view for most of our ride.  It was pretty incredible to look at from horseback.
Misses Granny Panties
Looking up from the stables at the ranch house.
Niahi. Love the ears!
Wow, so much mud.  I actually delayed my trip by a day because the rain wasn't letting up on the Hilo side.  It was so muddy.  And of course I rode a light colored horse who delighted in rolling in the mud before our ride!  I can't wait to go back to visit the ranch again.  It was fun to ride and work with the horses, but I also made new friends that I feel like I have known forever and look forward to visiting with again.  More posts soon, I promise.  Have house pics to put up!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traveling from Seattle to Kona is exhausting!  Such a long day, but uneventful - which is good when you are flying!  Arrived in Hawaii with plenty of time for early dinner at Sam Choy's Kai Lanai, a newer restaurant in Kona.  Dinner and my pina coloda(s) were both delicious.  Hawaii is just how I left it!  Frank is good and busy, as usual.  I've had computer issues and haven't been able to get online to do any work.  Have that fixed now - will be back to it tomorrow.   Frank's tenant supposed to be moving out this week.  Hope to be in house by 15th!  Made it to the beach for a bit today - sunshine and the water sure felt nice.  Miss everyone...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today I drove for 2 hours to do a horseback tour of Waipio Valley.  This is my view of the lookout over the valley when I got there.  It was pouring and not looking promising...  Also my camera batteries died just after we left the store for the tour so I had to rely on my cell phone for pictures.  So bummed - I don't think these even do justice to how beautiful the valley was.

currently 50 people live in the valley

Lovely self portrait...not.  The ladies were given Tahitian Jasmine blooms to wear - my new favorite scent

Looking back into the valley

Me and Jessie

Wild horses

Taro patch

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My days are running low...trying to pack it all in before I leave!  Today I woke early for a hike up a cinder cone and aong the shore line.

View from the top

Maui is peeking out above the clouds

Billy goat in middle top - you can see his tail.  There are many wild goats here.  It stunk in places...

Aahhh - took a nice cool swim when I was back!